7 PowerMy Benefits to Change Your World

Powered by 3C Tech Shop, PowerMy Shop delivers a simple yet powerful line of business systems that just work.

PowerMyShop is a complete all-in-one solution. Using a suite of powerful cloud tools including a point of sale system or cash register, accounting software, business grade internet, expert setup, local support and real-time reporting the PowerMy benefits are out of this world. Plus we will have you connected, working faster and knowing more about your business so you can make better decisions in no time. We have everything you need to run your business and a single place to call if you need help.

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Better Business

+ Run Your Business. Don’t Let it Run You

Here at PowerMy, we run a business too and we know from years of experience just how hard it can be. You started your business because you had a passion or you would good at something but did you ever think you would be spending more time running the business than doing what you are best at?

PowerMy is not just a suite of products. We ensure these products all work with one another and deliver to you the information you need to make decisions about your business. No second guessing and no spending countless hours trying to find answers.

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Work From Anywhere

+ The Power to Work from Anywhere with Cloud-based Systems

PowerMy is a suite of applications that run from the cloud. There are lots of advantages to using cloud-based systems, such as never again installing software updates or needing to use powerful computers. But a big advantage is the fact you can now access your system from anywhere – from the shop, from home, from the beach – it’s up to you!

The days of being restrained in your store to enter paperwork or run the payroll are gone with PowerMy. You have the ability to work from anywhere but at the same time maintain the required level of control over your business.

PowerMy Benefits | Support Icon

Support From Real People

+ Real Support by Real People – When You Need It

PowerMy is backed by the team at 3C Tech Shop. We are available when you need help, not when it suits us!

It is important to know you are not alone when using a PowerMy solution. We are just a phone call (or a click) away. Whether you need technical assistance or you want some advice on a particular aspect of your business, we are there.

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Bookkeeping Made Easy

+ Bookeeping Made Faster & More Efficient

Using great applications like those in PowerMy doesn’t only mean you suddenly start working more efficiently. The key is ensuring this suite of applications are configured to work together so that you not only get better information but you also have less work to do.

Our role is to ensure PowerMy is configured so that you don’t need to spend hours “doing the books”. Tasks such as bank reconciliation and staff timesheets will now take minutes, not hours.

PowerMy Benefits | Reporting Icon

Real Time Reporting

+ Powerful Reporting in Real Time

Get access to the information you need now. And more importantly, know instantly if you are turning a profit.

A lot of small businesses do not know the health of their business (ie are they making money) until the end of the month or quarter (when doing the BAS) or, worse still, after the end of the financial year when the accountant has compiled your yearly tax return. This is far too late to be able to make changes in your business if things are not performing as they should. You need to know immediately where you sit financially and PowerMy does this.

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Simple To Use

+ Simple to use. It just works

PowerMy may seem complex but really it’s not. The software that makes up PowerMy is simple to use – and it needs to be too.

Your team will find PowerMy easy to setup, easy to use and easy to get support. We have designed it that way. Simple software running on simple networks means PowerMy just works.

Simple systems also mean staff training is a quick and easy process. Train your staff quickly and have them working the POS system productively within 15 minutes, therefore giving you more time to train them on the important stuff like customer service.

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No Upfront Costs
& No Contracts

+ Affordable & Powerful Business Solutions

You would expect PowerMy to cost a lot of money, right? All that software and hardware along with our time to get it all running. Wrong!

PowerMy has no upfront costs. You pay a flat monthly fee. That’s it!

Oh, and if you are not happy then simply stop paying the monthly fee and return everything to us. Yep, there are no lock-in contracts. We are that confident that PowerMy Shop is the right solution for your small business that we will happily let you walk away if you are not happy.