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See what our customers say about PowerMy

At PowerMy, providing exceptional customer service is paramount to how we operate our business. We understand that customers who are upgrading from an older cash register system or just starting out on their new business venture, all need and value great support.

New systems are fantastic, but not if you don’t know how to use them, so we don’t love you and leave you! At PowerMy, we take care of the whole install process and provide you with the step-by-step training and support you need to have complete control.
Plus, we are only a phone call away when you need help.

See what our customers say about PowerMy.



My business was growing and I needed a system to help manage staff, stock and daily orders. A manual system just didn’t cut it anymore.

I had noticed other businesses using the PowerMy system, so I reached out to Anthony to see if he could help my business too.

It was a big decision to change, and I was nervous about learning something new. Anthony made the process really easy and his support has been really fantastic.

I know where my business is at now, at any point in time, and I really love it.

– Cathy Catanzariti, Blossoms Florist

PowerMy Shop Customer | FLORIST



As new business owners, we are very grateful for the excellent all in one system PowerMy has delivered. Our Lightspeed Kounta point of sale system, internet and webpage are a cost-effective solution which not only works, but fits with our business plan moving forward.

We were so impressed with the set up service which was easy and saved us a lot of hassle and time.

It is so nice to deal with someone who is happy to go out of their way to help. We feel we have a good relationship with Anthony at3C Tech Shop and this is very important to us. (plus we are glad you like our food so it works well for everyone!).

The team at Zecca highly recommend a PowerMy by 3C Tech Shop to any hospitality business.

 – Michaela Cangelli, Zecca Handmade Italian

PowerMy Shop Customer | RESTAURANT



I am so proud of what we accomplished with PowerMy in only a few months. Transitioning from a manual system, Anthony and the 3C Tech Shop team were patient with us and provided all the training for our staff to learn a new POS comfortably. Our customers have also been impressed with our quick new service too!

With our new accounting software, I enjoy reconciling for a few minutes a day now instead of long nights doing spreadsheets, coding reports and searching through piles of tax invoices. I’m sure our accountants don’t miss the old manual system either! I love that it’s easily accessible to all the right people so we can discuss reports, issues or questions simultaneously and walk each other through it.

I enjoy running the business now that I have greater control over it. No more being a slave to reporting every week, month, quarter… I look forward to the future of our business now that I have more time to enjoy it!

– Erin Vaccari, Vaccari’s Bakery

PowerMy Shop Customer | BAKERY



Our Amanti di Caffe personalised app was made possible with PowerMy from 3C Tech Shop.

While our previous point of sale system worked for us day to day, the PowerMy point of sale system has enabled us to grow our business and make coffee ordering fast and efficient for our clients. This system was a small investment with outstanding results, none of which would have been possible without Anthony from 3C Tech Shop. We have been overwhelmed with the support and ongoing assistance from the 3C Tech Shop team. We thank you very much!

– Tim & Elise McIntosh, Amanti di Caffe

PowerMy Shop Customer | CAFE



Anthony made it so easy for me… I spent weeks researching what POS and Accounting software would be right for us and not really getting anywhere. PowerMy just sorted everything out and I didn’t have to worry about finding the right solution anymore! I have already recommended PowerMy to others.

– Toni HowardKaldi & the Dancing Goats

PowerMy Shop Customer | CAFE



After meeting with Anthony from 3C Tech Shop I knew I was able to have my POS, accounting software, email and website hosting plus local support with the one company, making it a one-stop shop!

As I was new in business, Anthony was able to provide me with a detailed description as to what I needed, explained how everything would integrate and was able to offer it at an affordable price.

I was also comfortable knowing that if anything had gone wrong, they were just a phone call away.

After working with PowerMy, I would highly recommend their products and services to any person in need of setting up a new store. A 10/10 for sure! 

– Isabella Vitucci, Lola & Iris

PowerMy Shop Customer | FASHION BOUTIQUE


PowerMy Shop

Powerful point of sale and business solutions to get you in control, save you time and money.

PowerMy Shop is more than just a cloud based point of sale system. We provide you with the essential tools for managing your hospitality or retail business.

By combining a powerful point of sale, accounting tools, business grade internet & expert setup, local support & more, we will have you connected, working faster, knowing more about your business and powering you to make better business decisions. No matter your size, or where you are, PowerMy Shop is the solution you have been searching for.

PowerMy Shop for Hospitality

Whether you are a cafe, restaurant, bakery, takeaway store or bar, PowerMy Shop for Hospitality is designed to make working in your business easier & so much more effective.

PowerMy Shop for Retail

If you own a fashion boutique, sports and outdoor store, homeware, bike, health & beauty or other retail store, PowerMy Shop for Retail is a complete and tailored solution designed with your business needs in mind.

7 PowerMy Benefits to Change Your World

Powered by Flexible Solutions, PowerMy delivers simple yet powerful line of business systems that just work.

PowerMyShop is a complete all-in-one solution. Using a suite of powerful cloud tools, all of which are fully integrated with one another, we have everything you need to run your business, and a single place to call if you need help.


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