PowerMy Shop for Hospitality

Powerful solutions for your cafe, restaurant, bakery, takeaway store or bar with PowerMy Shop for Hospitality

PowerMy Shop for Hospitality addresses the most common pain points of running a hospitality business – knowing when you are making money, knowing you have support when you need it and being able to go home whenever you want to but still be able to work on your business.

Using a suite of powerful cloud tools including an easy to use cash register and POS system, accounting software, business grade internet, expert setup, local support and real-time reporting. All of the PowerMy for Hospitality tools are fully integrated with one another providing a complete all-in-one solution. Everything you need to run your business and a single place to call if you need help.


As new business owners, we are very grateful for the excellent all in one system PowerMy has delivered. Our Lightspeed Kounta point of sale system, internet and webpage are a cost-effective solution which not only works, but fits with our business plan moving forward.

We were so impressed with the set up service which was easy and saved us a lot of hassle and time.

It is so nice to deal with someone who is happy to go out of their way to help. We feel we have a good relationship with Anthony at 3C Tech Shop and this is very important to us. (plus we are glad you like our food so it works well for everyone!).

The team at Zecca highly recommend a PowerMy by 3C Tech Shop to any hospitality business.

 – Michaela Cangelli, Zecca Handmade Italian




Lightspeed Kounta POS Point of Sale

PowerMy Shop for Hospitality is anchored by Lightspeed Kounta POS – the #1 application for hospitality businesses.

Lightspeed Kounta POS is more than a cloud-based POS system. It is the core tool for running your business. Whether you use an iPad, Android, the Commonwealth Bank’s Albert device, a Mac or a PC, Lightspeed Kounta POS will work. The choice is yours. Lightspeed Kounta POS has all the tools you need, it’s always on and you can access it from anywhere.

Easy & fast to use

Setup your sales screens the way you want. It’s a breeze to navigate through your products and it’s easy to use. And it’s super fast too!

Mobile sales & payments

Take Lightspeed Kounta POS to your customers. By running Lightspeed Kounta POS on a tablet or Albert you can take orders and payments wherever your customers are. Don’t be limited by your counter space.

Everything a POS system should do

Lightspeed Kounta POS doesn’t just look pretty, it does all the things a good point of sale system should do. Customised payment types, quick cash payments, integrated EFTPOS, discounts, orders, split payments, gift vouchers – they are all there.

Work offline

If your internet connection goes down, Lightspeed Kounta POS keeps right on going without a hitch. You can keep selling, and when you’re back online your data’s synced back to the cloud.


Product management

Powerful stock management ensures you are in control of stock levels, purchases orders and wastage. Create an unlimited number of products including the ability to add modifiers (such as the type of milk for a coffee) or variants (such as different size drinks that reduce your inventory appropriately). Create Option Sets that allow you to force selection of a product attribute (such a steak being cooked rare, medium or well done). Add pictures and barcodes to products and get a real time view of your stock sales and levels.

Table management

Running a restaurant or café with table service? No problem. Quickly and easily create a table layout that matches your business. From this screen you can manage all tables and be visually notified the status of each of (eg table is booked, needs attention or have asked for the bill).

Powerful printing

There’s an unlimited number of receipt and production printers you can use in your store. Specify at the product level which printer an order goes to (food to the kitchen, drinks to the bar). Cash drawers can be connected to each printer or you can share one amongst many registers.



Integrating tightly with Lightspeed Kounta POS is your choice of accounting systems. Xero or MYOB, it doesn’t matter. All daily sales are posted from Lightspeed Kounta POS to your accounting system and we ensure the integration is setup correctly so you have real-time visibility on how your business is performing. Sales, taxes, cash, margins – everything you need to make better business decisions. Account sales and payments are synchronised between Lightspeed Kounta POS and Xero or MYOB.


Payroll & superannuation requirements are met with PowerMy Shop. Included with Xero or MYOB (your choice) are all the tools you need to run an efficient payroll system. Most importantly, we help you setup up your staff and show you what needs to be done each week.


PowerMy Professional Web & Email

Domain name, email & website

How do you look professional and stand out from your competitors? A domain name for your business will achieve that eg www.yourbusinessname.com.au.

Email is tied to your domain name and you can have as many as you want. Suppliers can contact you using your accounts@yourbusinessname.com.au email address and customers can contact you using either theboss@yourbusinessname.com.au or sales@yourbusinessname.com.au.

We then set you up with a business webpage – a nice and clean single page site that introduces your business to the rest of the world.

PowerMy Technology

The power of the cloud

Take advantage of what the cloud has to offer. Store your data online (spreadsheets, photos and other critical business documents) so you not only have access to them from anywhere but you also have multiple backups in case something ever goes wrong.

Let’s face it, who really wants to do the paperwork from the shop when you can go home and do it? We can then give you applications that allow you to access and modify your business documents from anywhere.

PowerMy Business Grade Internet Icon

Business-grade Internet

PowerMy Shop for Hospitality runs in the cloud but it also runs your whole business so it is critical that the right Internet service is used.

We supply, manage and support a business-grade Internet service that we know works with PowerMy Shop for Hospitality to ensure it runs as we say it will.


3C Tech Shop Installation and Support

Expert Installation & Support

PowerMy Shop is installed by 3C Tech Shop expert team.

Your data will be converted from your old system to your new one. You then receive personalised training. Oh, and if you need help in the future then the team at 3C Tech Shop are just a phone call away. The kicker is that all of this is covered in the low monthly fee.

PowerMy Benefits | Support Icon


PowerMy Shop Hardware

No Upfront Cost

You would expect PowerMy Shop for Hospitality to cost a lot of money, right? All that software and hardware along with our time to get it all running. Wrong!

PowerMy Shop for Hospitality has no upfront costs. You pay a flat monthly fee. That’s it!

Oh, and if you are not happy then simply stop paying the monthly fee and return everything to us. Yep, there are no lock-in contracts. We are that confident that PowerMy Shop for Hospitality is the right solution for your small business that we will happily let you walk away if you are not happy.


I am so proud of what we accomplished with PowerMy in only a few months. Transitioning from a manual system, Anthony and the PowerMy team were patient with us and provided all the training for our staff to learn a new POS comfortably. Our customers have also been impressed with our quick new service too!

With our new accounting software, I enjoy reconciling for a few minutes a day now instead of long nights doing spreadsheets, coding reports and searching through piles of tax invoices. I’m sure our accountants don’t miss the old manual system either! I love that it’s easily accessible to all the right people so we can discuss reports, issues or questions simultaneously and walk each other through it.

I enjoy running the business now that I have greater control over it. No more being a slave to reporting every week, month, quarter… I look forward to the future of our business now that I have more time to enjoy it!

– Erin Vaccari, Vaccari’s Bakery